Cosby Lane in Brewster, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  This was the 'beach path' in 2002.  I took the picture because we were in a hurry and were with friends.  This has brought so much peace to all that view it.
A koi pond in Naples Florida where I was working on another project for a client.  Snapped the picture and there they are all the koi swimming about.
Catboat Whirlygig with Red, White and Blue sails.  Happy 4th of July
This is a courting pair of Puffins perfect for the month of February.  And how do I know; look at their colorful beaks!  during the winter their beaks are gray; courting season the beak becomes colorful
Shell Wreath by the Sea on a pink front door in Bremen, Maine.  Anyone who has lived a winter in Maine; a Pink front door is a colorful sight to see
This summer dock is the dock that the artist and her siblings learned to sail and row boats from.  Also swimming with the small islands at low tide to race to.
Easter eggs on the beach for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  And so decorative in great colorful blues with different motifs on each egg
This Florida snowman is an illuminado to light the walkways

By the Sea | Lithograph Prints

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These are Lithograph archival prints in a series of 200.  As an archival print they do not have any acid in the paper or inks. Please note, the copyright watermark 'WENDY HAZEN DESIGNS' is not on the lithograph prints sent to customers.  Thank you. 

  • The image size is approximately 11"X 14" (with an additional 1.5" white border all around) Overall size is 14" X 17"
  • These prints fit very nicely into pre-cut mat opening of 11"X 14" 
  • Great Wedding and Housewarming gifts!