White wicker chair with a petunia garden
Colorful Nasturtiums
Lady Slippers.  I have seen them in Maine and on Cape Cod
Red Summer Bike with a basket of pansies on the back with an American Flag to help celebrate the 4th of July
Adirondack chairs with a cosmos garden, birdhouse and the sea beyond
Maine Blueberries
Northport, Maine dory filled with flowers and a string of lights around the gunnels
Maine Lupines with Linkin Bay in the background
a water lily with pads around it
Tulips on Piscatqua Street in New Castle, New Hampshire.
Watering can with lilacs
Red Tiger Lilies
Count them!  there are eleven coconuts in the top of this tree
Orchids in watercolor
Floral | Lithograph Prints
Floral | Lithograph Prints

Floral | Lithograph Prints

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These are Lithograph archival prints in a series of 200.  As an archival print they do not have any acid in the paper or inks. Please note, the copyright watermark 'WENDY HAZEN DESIGNS' is not on the lithograph prints sent to customers.  Thank you. 

  • The image size is approximately 11"X 14" (with an additional 1.5" white border all around) Overall size is 14" X 17"
  • These prints fit very nicely into pre-cut mat opening of 11"X 14" 
  • Great Wedding and Housewarming gifts!