Giclee Prints

July Morning on Norton Pond in Lincolnville, Maine with cloud reflections so peaceful

Giclee Printing revolutionized the world of reproduction prints.  As a watercolorist it is so exciting to see one of my paintings be printed onto canvas.  The canvas is wrapped around 1.5" deep stretcher bars, which enables a person to hang the giclee canvas on the wall without a frame.  Of course, if you want to frame it that is your choice.  Personally, I like the simplicity of the giclee canvas image alone.

The other great thing with giclee prints is you can order to size* specification.  For example, I have a space above my fireplace that fits a 31.5" wide by 40" high piece of artwork.  So, I ordered the 30" by 40" canvas of the 'Lifeguard Stand.'  

The giclee prints are wonderful gifts to commemorate a birth of a child, a wedding, an anniversary, birthday, actually any special occasion in our lives.  

I hope I have given some clarity to the mystery of giclee prints.  As my original paintings cost in the thousands, I feel giclee prints afford an opportunity to have art on the wall anywhere and everywhere. 

*If you have a specific size needed and the ones that we offer are not fitting the space, please do not hesitate to contact us 866.227.8170.  

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