A hinckley picnic boat that is really from Dark Harbor on Islesboro, Maine versus North Haven.  Met the owners and they set me straight.
Catboat Whirlygig with Red, White and Blue sails.  Happy 4th of July
Early Dawn a lobster boat that fishes out of New Castle, New Hampshire
Cosby Catboat in watercolors
Rowboats by the dock

Boats, Boats and Boats | Lithograph Prints

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These are Lithograph archival prints in a series of 200.  As an archival print they do not have any acid in the paper or inks. Please note, the copyright watermark 'WENDY HAZEN DESIGNS' is not on the lithograph prints sent to customers.  Thank you. 

  • The image size is approximately 11"X 14" (with an additional 1.5" white border all around) Overall size is 14" X 17"
  • These prints fit very nicely into pre-cut mat opening of 11"X 14" 
  • Great Wedding and Housewarming gifts!