Packing and Shipping, Packing and Shipping


Welcome to the "Finish Line" season!  This is how I refer to this time of year.  It seems that all of a sudden, the holidays are on the horizon, and we lose our minds about deadlines and the perfect gifts, etc.   And thank you to all who have told me in emails, phone calls and in person that they feel the WHDesign Calendars are the perfect gift.  The gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Intermingled with painting for the Calendars I am tasked with painting for gallery exhibitions.  And these galleries have their criteria as well - theme, size, medium, etc.  So that keeps me busy as well.

And because I really need to disturb my sleep patterns and one cannot live by Calendar sales alone, I also work three days a week at a Law Office answering phones and drafting and executing Estate Documents.  Chatham, my 4-year-old cocker spaniel is officially the law office's calming companion.  If you are getting good or bad news, Chatham loves getting pets and helping sooth our clients. 

So, as we head towards the "Finish Line" season, give yourselves a huge hug, an extra cup of tea and smile through it all.

Big hug to you all, and yes, your calendars are on their way!  Warmly, Wendy