Now or forever; Litho Prints updates

It's February in New England and for all you New Englanders living in the southern climes; yes, it is still cold, snowy and unpredictable.  This Friday, February 25th 5 to 8 inches of snow.  And with that in mind, I'd like to suggest some new 'pieces' for the home, where it appears we will be bound.  Maybe new artwork for the walls be it tiles or prints.  Tablescapes could use a re-do.  I personally have added the mooring ball reflection placemats to mine.  I love that painting.  The shapes and reflection constantly pulls me through the painting itself.  Then my good friend Pam suggested a Blueberries placemat.  Isn't that a good looking placemat and vibrant!,  Then there are my tiles.  Here is a wee story.  My tile person has a small company just like WHDesigns, Mitch, the tile company owner, emailed me on Saturday to let me know that COVID has affected his company regarding the supply chain.  Wouldn't you know it would take a 'pandemic' to clarify the fragility of the supply chain throughout the world.  And here we are, small businesses just trying to do what we love and we are told, "sorry, we are having trouble locating what you need."  Big sigh!  Anyway Mitch is being as positive as can be with fingers crossed all will resolve in April.  In the meantime, please think about a special tile for a cup of tea or as a bread and butter plate.  My mom gave me that idea.  She mentioned that an Italian restaurant in the Ft. Myers area uses tiles as bread and butter plates!  How wonderful and colorful.  Not to mention, thinking outside the box.

In anticipation of another 22' day, I am off to regenerated the body cells.  Chatham, the cocker spaniel, is off to camp tomorrow and I am for a day with Estate planning working from home...remotely.  Big hug to you all.  Think about what makes you happy and do it!  Wendy